dClinic and SMART IVF announces their partnership to deliver Fertility and Wellness Journeys at RSBP Batam Hospital

RSBP Batam Hospital, Batam, Indonesia

This project will deliver dClinic’s first integrated service in Batam to provide the full range of clinical and complementary In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and related services to meet the needs for both Indonesians and medical tourists alike.

dClinic, RSBP Batam Hospital and SMART IVF have agreed to explore business opportunities to operate IVF services that build upon the strengths and capabilities of the three partnering organizations with the overall aim of promoting Batam as a medical tourism destination.

dClinic RSBP will provide Fertility and Wellness Journeys located at RSBP Batam Hospital in partnership with SMART IVF. Photo at left is of the recent signing of the MoU by Stephen Moo (dClinic’s Managing Director, Indonesia)and Dr Fachry Achmad Prodjokusumo (CEO of dClinic. SMART IVF).

This is dClinic’s flagship project under the Batam Medical Blockchain (BMB) Program Commercial Agreement, which is between BP Batam, RSBP Batam Hospital and dClinic.

dClinic and RSBP Batam Hospital have signed a commercial agreement for dClinic to deliver and operate a range of Health and Wellness Journeys, as part of dClinic’s Indonesian development strategy. Additional facilities and services are planned for the RSBP Batam Precinct as part of this partnership and for Batam central business district.

dClinic offers a selection of Health and Vitality Journeys that encourage, support and reward consumers on their personal journey to Health and Vitality.

Over the past 18 months dClinic has undertaken extensive market research and evaluated opportunities in the Indonesian health and wellness markets in partnership with its advisors Deloitte and JP Consulting, as part of its global strategic development program.

SMART IVF have positioned themselves as the regional leader in the field of reproductive medicine with a reputable presence across the region delivering the best clinical outcomes.

As a recognized leader in the development and delivery of IVF services in South East Asia, SMART IVF has developed its core specialist clinical workforce to promote an ‘Indonesia first’ approach for its workforce development.

SMART IVF has a well-established network of healthcare facilities currently operating in Jakarta and Medan major hospitals. Through these facilities, SMART IVF has developed a market leading service mix, brand and reputation for providing high quality fertility services across the markets they serve.

This week the dClinic team has conducted further meetings (photo at left) with its Health Architect and SMART IVF to finalise the conceptual architectural design and planning for the construction and commissioning of the dClinic RSPB facility to be located at the RSBP Batam Hospital.



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