Indonesia and Southeast Asia, a FANTASTIC market for VIC Rewards

15 July 2020

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2 min readAug 18, 2020


Indonesia has 270+ million citizens and if you include the whole ASEAN region, then this is a very large consumer healthcare market. Indonesian citizens are open to innovation and they already understand the importance of wellness, well-being and Vitality. Therefore, what a great destination to start a revolutionary business, like, VIC Rewards!

Sadly, COVID-19 is causing huge problems globally and is greatly affecting everyone, including Indonesia. This Pandemic only compounds the existing problems and strain on the healthcare system. Added to this, governments worldwide are quickly sliding into enormous levels of debt with their current levels of healthcare spending. The good news is, Indonesian citizens are proactive and looking to expand their horizons, and VIC Rewards is here to create a healthcare revolution by introducing a healthcare rewards program based on a Crypto centric utility token. In fact, healthcare is the perfect use-case for utility-based cryptocurrency.

dClinic has launched VIC Rewards to create the healthcare revolution in the ASEAN region, starting with Indonesia and Singapore. We have spent the last 3 years building our blockchain, partners, marketplace, relationships with key exchanges (including in Indonesia) and supportive investor pool. The VIC Rewards eco-system is ready and is now being deployed. Prior to VIC Rewards, our team has spent many years gaining experience in many clinical fields and systems to ensure we can give confidence to the consumers, partners and providers within our eco-system.

We know this market. We are an experienced team of experts and our partners and merchants are also the best in their field. We truly understand this market.

Don’t you want to be rewarded for your own healthcare? YES. Then get VIC. (Vitality Coin) Our true vitality Utility Coin.

You can use your VIC to buy health and wellness products and services in the VIC Marketplace, trade with other tokens in the VIC Rewards eco-system and each year we will offer a buy-back option to all VIC holders. What a fantastic reward system!

Watch out for the VIC listing date. We will be announcing our listing on a number of exchanges soon and we will do all we can to increase the value of the VIC.

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VIC Rewards Social

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